You and AMA: A Winning Combination

You and AMA . . .A Winning Combination!You and AMA .   .   .
A Winning Combination!

Thank you for taking time to get to know us. It has been our continuing pleasure, for more than thirty-five years, to work with many excellent companies and organizations and their staffs on a broad range of exciting and successful projects.

The continuing goal for AMA's web presence is to raise the bar to a new level of dynamic, online service. We genuinely enjoy our work and this opportunity to give back to the professional community.

Advanced Materials Associates helps clients make the most of their R&D strengths

Is Your Company or Organization Making the Most of Its Valuable Research and Development Strengths?

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen
-- and thinking what nobody has thought!
-- Albert von Szent-Györgyi, 1937 Nobel laureate, Physiology & Medicine.

Advanced Materials Associates helps clients make the most of their R&D strengths

A Solid Resource for Cost Effective Solutions.   The business of AMA is to provide support for innovation and solutions to advanced materials related problems -- especially for Research and Development activities and the early stages of new technology concept generation -- through analyses, ideas, facts, technical risk assessment, concept evaluation and project/task definition and coordination.

AMA is dedicated to the direct support of advanced materials and related problems, and assisting clients through objective, personalized metallurgical services and custom tailored approaches that will help your company to compete even more successfully in today's exponentially changing marketplace.

AMA technical consulting services and materials engineering courses

Challenges and Opportunities.    Today's marketplace is a dynamic sea of opportunity. To fully capitalize upon it, however, all components of an organization need to be in optimal alignment. When all those strengths are working together, the reward can be greater than imagined. With more than three decades of experience in metallurgical and advanced materials technology and processes, AMA can help your organization capture its' maximum research and development potential.

AMA helps clients meet challenges and discover opportunities

A New Paradigm.   Technology has traditional business models on the run and future growth will require a blend of both business and technology. While it is estimated that the greatest growth in the U.S. business sector over the next ten years will be in smaller to medium size companies, this trend promises new opportunities for companies of all sizes, and growing pains are a virtual certainty.

a new paradigm for materials engineering companies promises new opportunities for growth

A Vital Key.   Establishing and building a strong Research and Development Program can be one of the most important decisions a company can make. Successful companies leverage existing technology and platforms to their fullest, while positioning themselves to take advantage of emerging technologies.

a strong R&D department is a vital key to success

The Greatest Strategists in Business Are Never Caught Off Guard. . . The Greatest Strategists
in business as in checkers . . . are never caught off guard!

They foresee many outcomes and are prepared for each one. They glimpse an array of opportunities, and follow each to its end.

Businesses today succeed because they have the foresight to seek and create change, not just react to it.

It turns out that the single most valuable commodity is human attention -- that set of intellectual processes which converts the fire hose of unfiltered experience that bombards us daily -- from raw data into something we can use.

a solid resource for materials engineering R&D needs

AMA helps clients anticipate change and stay ahead of the curve

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